In this page I’d like to list almost all tools I’ve been used so far in my professional work, but also for my private purposes. I will describe each position in a few words soon, post some basic information, quick review or useful hints about them.
This list will be extended in the future. Also, if you use some worth-mention tool – let me know about it. Let’s share our knowledge!


Not only Microsoft Data Platform

  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17.x (aka SSMS) (free) [link]
  • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools [link]
  • SQL Sentry Plan Explorer (it’s free now!) [link]
  • Redgate SQL Search 2 (free) [link]
  • Redgate SQL Compare [link]
  • Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server [link]
  • Microsoft Power BI Desktop (free) [link]
  • SCD Merge Wizard (free) [link]
  • RStudio (free) [link]

Very useful scripts

Daily routines

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2017
  • Microsoft Office (including OneNote, yeah!)
  • NotePad ++
  • Visual Studio Code
  • KeePass 2

Online tools

  • Microsoft Azure Portal [link]
  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio [link]
  • Regexper [link]
  • Devart SQL Formatter for SQL Server [link]
  • SQL Server Statistic Parser [link]

Certainly I’ve been forgotten about few of them.
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Kamil Nowinski