Last Week Reading (2019-10-27)

Last Week Reading (2019-10-27)

Hello and good morning! We have Tuesday morning, which means I experienced a delay in this post. But finally, it is out and have a look at how much stuff I have for you today. Have a good week!


Simplifying ETL in the Cloud, Microsoft Releases Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows
ADF MDF is GA now. Find out what is that and how this does help with your ETL?

Three ways to leverage composite indexes in Azure Cosmos DB
What you need to know about composite indexes.

Azure Data Factory Mapping Data Flows for Big Data Lake Aggregations and Transformations
Ron L’Esteve explores data cleansing and aggregation features of Mapping Data Flow.

ADF Adds Hierarchical & JSON Data Transformations to Mapping Data Flows
With this new feature of Mapping Data Flows you can ingest, transform, generate schemas, build hierarchies, and sink complex data types using JSON in data flows.

You, Me, & CI/CD: Deploying Azure Analysis Services Tabular Models through Azure Pipelines
Liam Dunphy describes his practical experience of building robust deployment process for AAS Tabular Models with Azure DevOps.

Overview of how to do AI and ML in Power BI Desktop and Service
Nice table summarizing AI & ML capabilities in PowerBI.

Leverage Azure premium file shares for high availability of data
What does Azure premium file shares offer for SQL Server failover cluster instance?

How I learned to stop worrying and love Cosmos DB’s Request Units
Do understand Request Units and learn how to determine the required throughput.

Monitor and debug with metrics in Azure Cosmos DB
Find out how Azure Cosmos DB metrics can be used to analyze and debug common use cases.

Data Lineage and Power BI: Why is it important?
In this post, you will find more explanation of what data lineage is and what’s it does.

Data lineage (preview)
This also is a good complement post about Data lineage.

A word from Microsoft’s CEO

Video: Intro to Power BI Administration

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