Last Week Reading (2019-10-06)

Last Week Reading (2019-10-06)

Hello Azure/Power/BI/Data fella! Another two weeks passed very quickly and the new edition of Community conference in the UK is about to begin. Check whether you can attend one of the 5 cities where DataRelay come and take a look at these posts in the meantime. I will be there and talk about ADF Mapping Data Flow for 4 days.


BISM Normalizer: Version 5.0 Released!
1500 compatibility level, calc groups, M2M relationships, PBI objects, composite models and more!

Power BI And Case Sensitivity
If you may be here about case sensitivity or insensitivity in a dataset, DAX and you want to learn more about them in this post you can read how to work with them.

ADF Adds Hierarchical & JSON Data Transformations to Mapping Data Flows
With this new feature, you can ingest, transform, generate schemas, build hierarchies, and sink complex data types using JSON in data flows.

Common Azure Cosmos DB use cases
Check benefits of using Cosmos DB for retail (web and mobile) applications or as a data store for IoT systems.

New Free Azure and SQL Server 2019 Training from Microsoft
Are you interested in learning Azure or SQL Server Big Data Clusters?

TOP 5 Benefits of Azure Dedicated Hosts (Preview) for SQL Server Workloads on Azure VMs
Meet a new hosting model where a physical server is dedicated to your organization and capacity.

Hot patching SQL Server Engine in Azure SQL Database
Microsoft Team reveals how do they patch SQL Server Engine without impacting workload.

Setting a Custom Variable in an Azure DevOps Pipeline with PowerShell
Kendra Little explains how to set and reuse an environment variable.

A word from Microsoft’s CEO

Video: Using Large Amounts of Data in PowerApps

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